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The next step after Whippedman Syndrome, it's symptons include all that are outlined in Whippedman Syndrome, however the usual and fairly consistant electronic communications from the affected male turn into only one communication a year; christmas cards. This is occasionally and sparatically follwed by postal communications regarding births, baptisms, graduations, 21st's and finally weddings, thus continuing the cycle for the next generation.
Me: "Man, Sharky's case of Married Man Syndrome has cleared up since Casey dumped his arse, but im not going to hang out with him, the douche hasn't spoken to me in 5 years."
Ryan: "lololol"
by Hunterz January 17, 2007
The often all to occuring condition that afflicts most young men. This is a sympton of the condition known as "Relationships". Your once best friend who you were in constant contact with will defect to another person, more than likely a woman. What once was regular catch up's for beer and football turn into only failry common email's and text message. The condition can descend into Married Man Syndrome if not treated early by removal of the original protaganist (the relationship). It is important to note that the person afflicted with this syndrome will get defensive and try to protect the syndrome with the best of thier ability. Removal should be excercised with extreme caution, as it can lead to massive depression bout's, contracting AIDS from hookers, and possibly suicide. For effective medications see Chainsaw, Katana, Twin's and Adultery
"Man, Sharky's new b!tch is really pissing me off, he's getting the Whippedman Syndrome bad."
"Yeah, I feel you, I just hope it doesn't turn into Married Man Syndrome"
"Fo Shiz."
by Hunterz May 25, 2008