The best cigarettes money can buy
Marlboro Reds may be dangerous, but they have a great taste.
by SuperSonicX September 24, 2005
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Marlboro reds are a popular short filtered cigarette with a smooth taste. Relaxes you and when angry helps calm you down.
Marlboro reds are always in demand, that's why can buy them anywhere.
by Rourke April 12, 2008
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Best cigarette on the market. Gives you an amazing nicotine rush. Word of warning not for beginners or pussy bitches. If you're a beginner smoker smoke lights then work up to reds.
cigarette Marlboro nicotine smoke reds lights marlboro reds
by RoboticParrot April 4, 2010
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Best Cigarettes in the world
Smooth taste
Easy going down if your used to it
Not for the weak smokers

Not a great starter cigarette

Ref cowboy killers
Person 1: Hey can I bum one? Mine are in the car.
Person 2: You know I don't smoke Marlboro Reds
Person 1: Screw that... Ill be back
by Lyssa Ann January 25, 2011
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Simply the best cigarettes put on Earth. For the people who say "they're too strong", it's not true, it's just because you're TOO WEAK and probably aren't even a real smoker.
#1: Look what I'm smoking (shows pack)
by RESTI1 January 7, 2010
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cigs sex cowboy killa best cigs eva made bitch
i just smoked a marlboro reds the other day it felt like sex
by skeeet May 18, 2009
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super intense cigarettes manufactured by marlboro. short filter. mostly chemicals.
person 1: Dude, you wanna smoke some marlboro reds?
person 2: Nah, i'd rather just suck on the tail pipe of my car.
person 1: werd dude. thats flavor country right there.
by DanBil April 24, 2008
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