A smoker's destination. From an old Marlboro ad. Sometimes used sarcastically.
Boss Lady: Ladies, are you smoking in the building?
Patty, Selma: Um, well, er, uh...
Homer: These are mine. (Takes drag from both cigarettes, coughs violently). I am in Flavor Country.
Boss Lady: Both are yours?
Homer: It is a big country.
-The Simpsons
by Comrade 47 September 19, 2008
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Noun: the destination for having a cigarette. THe place you often go to smoke.

Origin: the old Marlboro ad campaign
"WHere are you going?"

"I'm headed to flavor country"
"Who's up for a trip to flavor country"
by Doobers August 29, 2006
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When a guy, vaginaly stimulates a woman using a baby back rib covered in BBQ sauce, and afterwards eats her out enjoying the flavorfull BBQ sauce, and left over meat.
Instead of having dinner before hand, Raul went to flavor country on Megan.
by Krazy K' February 27, 2009
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