Someone in Miami who recently arrived from Cuba, legally or illegally. Although, an immigrant and a ref are two very different things. Refs are loud, obnoxious and try to be as American as possible, failing miserably. A ref usually wears, Tight Jeans, Tight Shirts, Gucci, Designer Sunglasses, etc.
Yosmany: Gucci Gang!!! Was popping ?
Kevin: fucking Ref
by DustyCheeto May 05, 2018
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Ref is a term in the game Team Fortress 2 for Refined Metal, the second most universal item for trading besides keys. It is made by using 3 scrap metal to make a reclaimed metal, and then 3 reclaimed metal to make 1 refined metal. Usually used in trading strange weapons and unique hats in-game.
Selling Strange Rocket Launcher for 2.33 ref.
by Genevis October 13, 2019
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Short for reference, commonly used is shamchat SRPs for an imagery rendition of a character
Me:hey can I get that ref
_____: sure (sends ref link)
by sans the skeleton May 28, 2018
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The act of getting absolutely LIT by consuming copious amounts of alcoholic beverages and, to a lesser extent, other paraphernalia.
Dude, Chad #REF!’d out last night after putting back 12 tequila shots. He yelled “I’m Front Office Faded” while getting kicked out of Lavo.
by djdsol69 March 01, 2018
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exclamation of excitement, surprise or annoyance. Used in all situations deemed to be worthy.
Person 1: shit dude, i just killed my hamster

Person 2: ref

Person 3: fucking huge ref

Person 1: huge ref
by 19silverton March 31, 2020
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