1). A small glass ball used in childhood games and childish pranks.

2). The most disgusting sexual act possible consisting of a large basin (too collect any loose balls/bodily fluids), LOTS of lube, a waiver signed by all 5 members of the act, and a small bag of marbles. To only be attempted by trained experts/death row inmates.

3). To marble someone. The act of marbling.
1). I put marbles under her car door and she cracked her head open.

2). I was marbling the fuck out of her, but then the cops showed up.
by Gamemasta April 26, 2010
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money; westcoast (Bay Area - E-40)
Where's the marbles?
by Jason November 22, 2003
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testicles. almost always used in plural.
yo, you've got no marbles. i bet she's going to get away with that.

grow a pair of marbles and just do it.

i need to have a threesome so i can give each of my marbles some independent action.
by mindmatter May 31, 2005
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also "marble halls", a cockney rhyming slang for male balls...
She took him on his marbles and squeezed them really hard.
by roos_va June 13, 2004
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1. (adj.) very hot.

2. A variation of it being cold, brick.
I dripped the marble fondue chocolate all over his body and licked it off, from his neck down.

The marble lube felt amazing on my dick as I penetrated her tight pussy.
by chillininpeace March 30, 2009
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n. mumbled up garble.

An instance of confusing unintentionally or ignorantly through muttering.
I tried listening to this story my mate was telling me, but all that came out of his mouth was some real marble. I couldn't make out a word of it.
by compnerd311 November 01, 2017
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