life's a crazy bag of marbles
one big, crazy bag of marbles
Blue marbles
red marbles
Half-transparent marbles with a fun swirl in them
Some marbles are even more interesting

Some marbles you think are going to be limited edition with king designs.
But then they're the equally limited, but much more surprising, "female" king marble.
Some argue that's debatably rarer.
I argue that's anxiety-inducing.
Some like to abduct smaller marbles.
Then you got to shoot that marble...
...'Cause its marble buddy brought a really big, black tentacle marble.
Marbles sure are random,
Especially when you force them into wheelchairs, Hold other marbles for ransom,
forge a magical pact with a marble that forces you to watch as they grovel in pain on the ground,
begging for the sweet release of marble death!
But you can't.
Because you signed a magical marble pact...
... and you can only watch... as its last marble breath... escapes... its marble... lips.

Did marbles hurt you?

No kiddo. I hurt me.
I also hurt marbles.
I feel worse about the marbles.
by Okurin July 25, 2020
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Marbles i.e. a sexual game; Two partisipants place anal beads inside their anus. Then on the count of 3, they pull the anal beads from their anus' and begin to fight each other with them (Favorite styles include using the anal beads like a whip or swinging them like a piece of chain). Ther first partisipant to bleed from their injurys looses the game.
"You look pretty beaten up there! Get in a fight?" said the Nurse

"No i lost a game of Marbles" replied Jamie.
by Thomas david ford June 17, 2008
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1. Noun. Crack cocaine. See also: base, chips, crack.
Tariq rolls marbles in the park.
by Big L February 17, 2004
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Something so ridiculous, that it cant even be called ridiculous.
Mike watched the woman beat her husband to death with a spoon and exclaimed. Holy shit that was MARBLES
by Mattybas December 23, 2007
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Your joy. The things that make you happy. Your one true loves in this world. To lose your marbles is to lose yourself.
She lost her marbles when he died. Poor baby.
by Rawrmaster3333333333333 November 10, 2010
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