10 definitions by Big L

1. Noun. Crack cocaine. See also: base, chips, crack.
Tariq rolls marbles in the park.
by Big L February 17, 2004
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An insult for somone who doesnt have a clue. Or people who seem to be spaced out/tripping/sketching
by Big L March 07, 2004
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1. Verb. To be shot. See also: capped, clapped.
"Shocked as fu*k at havin' just aired that boy out" -- Mobb Deep
by Big L February 14, 2004
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1. A delicious British confectionary comprised of a finger shaped biscuit covered in milk chocolate

2. The surprising and often alarming sexual act whereby a lady of questionable morals inserts her digit(s) into a gentlemans anus as he nears orgasm in an effort to heighten the intensity
1. John: Fucking hell, Dave! Have you eaten all my Cadbury's fingers again, you greedy bastard?
Dave: Yeah, sorry, mate. I was stoned.

2. Lady1: I say, Lady Poncemby-Smythe, your Reginald looks awfully glum today.
Lady2: Yes, Ms. Hartley-Woodford. Not to worry, I shall cheer him up with a cup of Earl Grey tea and a Cadbury's Finger.
Lady1: Oh? I never knew he liked you to stick a finger up his arse as he shoots his load.
by Big L June 10, 2006
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The act of pinching someone's nostrils to cut off their air supply from their nose. At this point, the person will have to open their mouth to breathe. When this happens, the pincher urinates inside the unwillingly open mouth of the victim.
Yo, Dee gave Hilary a dandelion!
by Big L May 07, 2004
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