45 definitions by G. Thomas

Verb. To buy an inexpensive home, spiffy it up with contractual work, and sell it for at least a million bucks.
Five years ago, that gorgeous home was only a shack! Considering all the construction done on it, the owner must've wanted to mansionize it.
by G. Thomas February 14, 2010
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The process of becoming, or to cause to become, moisturized. Synonym with moisturization.
Adding lotion all over her body was certainly an act of moisturification.
by G. Thomas May 21, 2008
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To masturbate simultaneously with at least one other person. Process includes group masturbation and mutual masturbation, but does not have to be either. Requirement is that more than one person must be involved in the masturbatory process.

Typically concludes with orgasm and/or ejaculation. Foreplay, which preludes additional sexual activities beyond masturbation, is generally not considered to be comasturbatory.
Got some friends over and the parents aren't home... Time for comasturbation!
by G. Thomas February 25, 2007
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It is comasturbatory for a woman to give a handjob to a guy while he fingers her.
by G. Thomas January 06, 2007
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Regarding the content, the pieces of the whole.
Out of all of Jim Carrey's films, having viewed every single one, Sue contentively decided that "The Truman Show" was the best.
by G. Thomas September 02, 2006
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Adverb. (KAM-er-EH-tih-KAY-shus.) To be extremely careful while operating a camera.
She's used that camera for decades, not needing to replace a single part of it. She's very cameretiquacious with that thing!
by G. Thomas April 22, 2008
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