- Laura musy have been hungry, she totally housed that meat.

- There is nothing left, Jess housed it all.
by EvilE September 3, 2013
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Completely destroyed. Beaten down like the "the man" beats people down. Beaten with assistance of overwhelming odds. As in, I just beat you so bad, I took everything including down to your house. Think repo man.

by smakdaddi October 14, 2003
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To be beat or overpowered (physically, in a game, in a challenge of words).

Derived from Schooled or Schoolhouse. Schoolhoused - school = housed.

See also: Owned.
You got housed.

Consider yourself housed.
by Garrett C. June 8, 2006
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extremly intoxicated, the highest form of drunk possible.
Hurry up man, I'm trying to get housed before the night is done.
by mrauk July 22, 2008
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To get ruffed up, attacked, taken.
Dude, Jared got housed last night by those thugs.

I'll house you.

Don't get housed

Sh'e getting housed upstairs
by Stephanie Kundrotas October 20, 2005
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To seize ownership or control via physical force or assumed dominance.
" She beat him down to the ground then took all the cash he had in his pockets and left him there cowering. He got housed."

"All your customers go to him now. Man, he housed your shit!"
by idcook July 11, 2017
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She didn't even bother getting on her back. She new she was getting Housed that night.
by ahouse May 29, 2005
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