This is a common phrase used by London Roadmen to describe how they are overheated while wearing a heavy duty North Face puffer jacket during warm outdoor temperatures and/or indoors (clubs, pubs, etc.)
Girl: Take off that jacket fam, it's like 37 Degrees on the block

Roadmen: Babes, Mans not hot. Man can never hot. It's a perspiration ting.
by Roadmen Shaq September 13, 2017
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Big Shaq. The one and only. Mans Not Hot. mans can never be hot. The ting goes Skkkkkkrrrrraaaaaaa pot pot ka ka ka. skidi kit pot pot. and a pur pur purrr boom a saying( used by Big Shaq ) that means that a mans not hot, a man can never be hot, and that the man isn't hot.
Person #1: Take off your jacket

Person #2 (big shaq : Babe, mans not hot
by N I G A H I G A December 24, 2017
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When a young boy doesn't have weed on him.
Britney: yo dude you got weed?
Tyrone: nah sonny, mans not hot.
by 257lync September 9, 2017
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A famous rap song from Big Shaq, the greatest mathematician ever.
“Girl said take off your jacket, I said Man’s not hot” - Big Shaq
by A. A. Fair December 11, 2017
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A popular meme in which a rapper is not overheated while in a very fluffy jacket
"Take your jacket off" (insert Lenny face here)

by WALUIGIfan69 November 19, 2017
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2+2 is 4, everyday man's on the block, smoke trees. Ol'time maymay, thing's got a frisbee. Moving dat corn flakes. Look at your nose! Da thing goes grrrrra, pak pak pak pak pak, skip it to pak pak and a pok pok prooom!

Btw this is not alien talk, it is supposed to sound like gangsta rap. Has become a youtube meme.
-"Man's not hot, man's never hot, thing goes grrrrra pakpakpak!"

-"Wtf is this language ??"
by angryjoker November 12, 2017
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