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Big Shaq. The one and only. Mans Not Hot. mans can never be hot. The ting goes Skkkkkkrrrrraaaaaaa pot pot ka ka ka. skidi kit pot pot. and a pur pur purrr boom a saying( used by Big Shaq ) that means that a mans not hot, a man can never be hot, and that the man isn't hot.
Person #1: Take off your jacket

Person #2 (big shaq : Babe, mans not hot
by N I G A H I G A December 24, 2017
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the definition for a definition is this definition that I am defining currently that is the definition of definition. this is also a definition but this definition is the definition of definition to find the definition of defining definition which is the definition of this definition of definition.
this is an example of a definition and the above definition of definition is also an example of definition which is also a definition I am explaining in my example of defining definition
by N I G A H I G A December 30, 2017
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Hitmonchan the Pokémon, but Hitmonchan is fucking shit, so we call it shitmonchan. Also used to describe people as shitty assholes.
Person 1: Fucking shitmonchan ass son of a bitch fucking gay af
Poke trainer: Go shitmonchan
Pokémon: but my name is Hitmonchan
Poke trainer: no one fucking cares you piece of shit
by N I G A H I G A December 30, 2017
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random words are words that COCONUT are completely random, mostly unrelated DUCK. The use of random words PINA COLATA sometimes are to distract the person you are SHOES talking to. Another use is to find random topics on a random ROBLOX word generator, like if you had to write or talk about a random SPAGHETTI topic that you are given.
Ok, based on this random word generator, please talk about RICE CORVETTES IN BATHTUBS for a minute
Ok, please write an essay of random words about BLEACH BIG MACS FILLED WITH XBOX that is 3 pages long
by N I G A H I G A February 21, 2018
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