Hope out the 4 door with a .44 it goes 123 and four chill in the Corridor your dad is 44 -big shaq
by Meme lord666 November 22, 2017
it is when you decide to comment that you can do math very quickly but in reality, you cant
hey, teacher, I know the answer big Shaq to that it is 4 nice Jon now do 56079 times 9904627
by Neonliy December 20, 2017
fat guy that sings the ting goes skraaaaa
you know big shaq?
by BobzBall December 28, 2017
Described as a god wearing a north face jacket, brother of Asznee, or the man behind the mathematical theorem "2 + 2 = 4 - 1". Other than freestyle rapping Big Shaq enjoys chilling in the corridor or smoking trees on the block.
I met this guy named Big Shaq on the street, he told me my nose looked like a garden hose.
by Iliektrrains™ October 29, 2017
The ting goes skrrrahh, pap, pap, ka-ka-ka
Skibiki-pap-pap, and a pu-pu-pudrrrr-boom
Skya, du-du-ku-ku-dun-dun
Poom, poom
Big Shaq Girl says: Take off your jacket

Big Shaq says: Mans not hot
by The Meme Dream November 28, 2017