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Rode men is a british drug dealer speaking in different manner than brits
They mostly wear puffer jackets and bike air max shoes they sell Marijuana and do small acts of crime like robbing and bulglery
That Roadmen sell some good stuff
by zann3 June 14, 2018
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A Roadmen is a British drug dealer who is ALWAYS wearing their puffer jacket no matter what the weather, they also wear a black cap to intimidate the other roadmen. they also have a pouch that they keep their trusty shank in incase their is a challenger to the endz throne last but not least the esssential item to becoming a roadmen is their weed, they will never be seen without it
Ayo wagwan pifting wots yo bbm pin, this lot is pure mandem, tings are in the endz
by wagwanTings January 04, 2019
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