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Roadmen are a species that differ from normal british people. They often are to be seen in the Endz of London and other diffrent cities. They are most likely to be seen with their gang / mandem. They are the evolution of chavs

There language has the base of modern English but they use their "Roadmen Slang" like:

Fam / G - used for people in their gangs and people that they trust.

Mandem - reffered to a friend or group of friends

Shank - Their special tool for self deffence or for robbing

Yo - slang term for hello or hi

Wagwan - what is it, could be used to say hello

Food, white, brown, g-packs - drugs

Fedz - the police

Init - used at the end of the sentence to make it more roadmen style

Big man ting - Usually ment to say that they going to do it

Bare - very

Safe - good

Creps - trainers

Essentials :

Nike airmax
Puffer jacket
Pouch / manbag (insides are Knife and some food and a old phone to drug deal)
Black hat ( preffer a nike hat )

You can see roadmen from the age of 10 as the youngers to 40 as the elders.
There language has the base of modern English but they use their "Roadmen Slang" like:

Man 1 : Yo you good fam

Man 2 : Ye what bout you init

Man 1: Fam this tings are mad init, had to shank up this bloke cause he was trying to nick my fucking food, G

Man 2 : Wagwan wit the fedz init?

Man 1 : Fuckin pussyholes init blud, them dikhedz ran away fam

Man 2 : you want to shank him up, big man ting?

Man 1 : Ye ye lets get the mandem too init

Man 2 : Ye come den.
by Bigmandobigtingfam October 25, 2019
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A Roadmen is a British drug dealer who is ALWAYS wearing their puffer jacket no matter what the weather, they also wear a black cap to intimidate the other roadmen. they also have a pouch that they keep their trusty shank in incase their is a challenger to the endz throne last but not least the esssential item to becoming a roadmen is their weed, they will never be seen without it
Ayo wagwan pifting wots yo bbm pin, this lot is pure mandem, tings are in the endz
by wagwanTings January 04, 2019
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Rode men is a british drug dealer speaking in different manner than brits
They mostly wear puffer jackets and bike air max shoes they sell Marijuana and do small acts of crime like robbing and bulglery
That Roadmen sell some good stuff
by zann3 June 08, 2018
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Well hard males who try to intimidate people by riding around at McDonald’s or kfc on their terrible bikes.They also wear there puffer jackets whatever the weather and may approach people to buy their weed
Roadmen: Wag1 famalam whats ur bbm pin init
by Wag1 init August 26, 2019
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Lads who wear black puffer jackets and hang outside of your local Maccy's. They try and hit on teen girls by usually saying "oi bruv can I have ur snap"

They also threaten to shank anyone or anything that pushes them over the edge.
"I went to Maccy's on Saturday and there were roadmen there!"
by Sai-Chan November 28, 2020
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The roadmen are usually between the ages of 12-18 years of age and can be seen regularly in their local parks,outside convince stores and takeaway shops usually smoking and drinking which will end up killing off the roadman at the age of 30 and rarely above. Roadmen are a breed of the chav,usually it is their parents that are the chavs, the roadmans parental guardians do not care what so ever about their child's education and health oftentimes letting them drop out of education before sixteen to pursue a life of crime and revving their stolen BMW's obnoxiously loud in a public area. The roadmans only goal in life is to do anything for the older roadman even if it means embarrassing themselves also, they will beg for north face items off their struggling single mothers who usually work 3 jobs. Their behaviour is one of violence often shouting to intimidate their oppressors but not actually taking any action, they might say they have a knife but it's usually a fisher price plastic knife they stole from their baby sister who is also unloved.
Hey Tom check out these wanna be Roadmen in the park
by Gunxxy December 30, 2020
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