A pot of money that either one person or several people can put money into so that marijuana can be purchased with said money.
Jim - We have $50 in the pot pot
Jeff - cool, now we can buy an eighth
by the toadmaster February 12, 2015
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3)Short girl under 5'0 aka midget that older and taller people make fun of.
1.Stormy do you have to use the pot pot?
2.Damn that kid in the wheelechair is such a pot pot.
3.Haha she is a pot pot!
by char, chip,stormy,bran-die November 24, 2006
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Oi bitch, pass me the pot pot, I'm gonna get spaced.
by www.fulep.com April 19, 2004
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Like a pot luck with food where everyone brings various food dishes for all to share, each guest member brings some pot (marijuana) to share and sample different types.
Yo, Taylor, you going to bring that new girl Scout cookies to the Pot Pot luck tonight?
by palmallama November 28, 2017
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When you go golfing while high. After each hole, you smoke a joint. Whoever wins first place gets a gold encrusted bong. 2nd place will get a mirijuana bowl. 3rd place gets a bunch of joints
Chris Webby and Cheech and Chong played a dope game of pot pot golf. It was so lit.
by Calla Rose July 5, 2017
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