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A pot of money that either one person or several people can put money into so that marijuana can be purchased with said money.
Jim - We have $50 in the pot pot
Jeff - cool, now we can buy an eighth
by the toadmaster February 11, 2015
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When your so pissed off from losing multiple amount of games that you play worse and worse till your so pissed you begin leaning over your keyboard screaming over every little mistake you make and complaining about gaming imbalances

(Common in Starcraft II)
"Why is johnny screaming at his computer"

"He lost a few games of Starcraft II, I think he is Tilting"
by Lashley1337 February 14, 2012
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A cute little dog that can always charm you and make you subscribe to potpotsicles
Yo did u see that Neo Bunao has a Potpot. He is so lucky
by potpotsicles August 04, 2019
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someone who's an unbelievably amazing person which makes him the most lovable human being in the world.
by bubbleenthusiast June 17, 2021
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3)Short girl under 5'0 aka midget that older and taller people make fun of.
1.Stormy do you have to use the pot pot?
2.Damn that kid in the wheelechair is such a pot pot.
3.Haha she is a pot pot!
by char, chip,stormy,bran-die November 23, 2006
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