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During sex in the missionary position you put your fingers in the females mouth and clasp the jaw.
You then use this purchase as a holding point to pound away at your lucky partner.

Can also be done while going at it doggy style. Making it the "Rear Mandible Pound"
Guy 1: So you get lucky with that girl last night.
Guy 2: Man, she was a filthy bitch. Made me mandible pound her. Then said she liked to be choked out.
Guy 1: Sweet.
Guy 2: Yeah. So then I switched to the Rear Mandible Pound for more leverage.
by Larsonary August 12, 2010
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When, during oral sex, a dude finishes in a ridiculously short amount of time.

From golf where a Par 2 shot is done in two "strokes".
Girl 1: So was that guy last night any good in the sack?
Girl 2: Naw, he was a Par 2. Barely got his pants off before he finished.
Girl 1: That's Naaaastyyyy!
by Larsonary July 12, 2010
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