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man booty is a male bottom that is delicious. like ghetto booty for males, also more firm and juicy
used for slapping (as long as accompanied with a respectful nod) at any time, especially in public toilets or libraries
may or may not be hairy, but always plump
(however, never fear, the hair can add to the overall alluring and irresistible nature of the man booty)

oh look at Dimitri man, he's got a man booty
by TheBootyConoisseur March 22, 2009
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A male butt that is big, round, jiggly, similar to that of a female.
"Dude, your manbooty is so big and bodacious I thought you were a chick from behind!"
by Sergeant Obvious September 17, 2006
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MAN BOOTY- n., an unusually rounded and/or feminine appearing buttocks

often found on fat black males who walk in a bow-legged manner.

MAN BOOTY can be a sensitive issue for those who have not had their posterior discussed at length in their presence.

complicating matters is the fact that many men afflicted by man booty do not dress in form fitting clothing. thus, when clothing that does accentuate MAN BOOTY is worn, both the person afflicted with MAN BOOTY and casual observers may be shocked by its existence. such startling observation can often lead to instantaneous commentary that can be insensitive (eg "DAMN YO, YOU GOT A FAT ASS DIMITRI!") in public places. the attractiveness of man booty to females varies widely, so feelings of insecurity can be rampant. the gays, destined for the eternal lake of fire and brimstone, also like man booty, complicating matters.


NOTICE: You're gay if you looked here. This was a test.

Advantages of MAN BOOTY
*Cushioning in falls
*Lessened vulnerability to spanking

Disadvantages of MAN BOOTY
*Attracts gayotry
*Attracts homosexualerotocisms
*Attracts the gays
*Attracts the crime
*Attracts the drugs
*Attracts the little league baseball coaches who you really aren't cool with like that but you wont say nothing to your Dad about
"Did you see Skorton? Total man booty."

"There was a pool party at Stevo's last weekend. You know Pavlo? Total man booty. Yum."

by I_wish_i_was_Pavlo March 22, 2009
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