The Pyro is one of the offensive classes of the FPS Team Fortress 2. The Pyro's main purpose is to burn everything around them, and so the Pyro excels at close combat but is nearly useless beyond medium range. The character's voice and appearance are both obscured by a gas mask and a fireproof suit, so there is no proof to the Pyro's gender, even though Valve have offered teasers that the Pyro is a woman. Judging by the taunts used by the Pyro, he/she is a pop culture geek.

Stock weapons consist of a flamethrower with a multipurpose secondary fire, a shotgun, and a fire axe. Unlockable weapons include a flamethrower that does automatic critical hits on a target from behind, a flare gun to ignite targets at long range, and an axe that inflicts an automatic critical hit on a burning target. Because of the immediately obvious and lingering effects of fire, the Pyro is considered ideal for checking for the presence an enemy spy.

The Pyro is often considered overpowered or a noob class thanks to a combination of speed, decent health, and a primary weapon that doesn't require slowing down, precise aim, or reloading that gets more powerful as the range gets closer. Most Pyros, noob or not, are accused of being a W + M1 player. In spite of the accusation that playing Pyro is easy mode, the Pyro does not top the charts for most played class, most points per hour, most kills per hour, longest life, most damage dealt, or indeed any statistics tracked by Valve.
The pyro isn't a hard class to play. It just takes a smart player to live longer than 30 seconds per respawn.
by Linebreaker November 13, 2009
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Something that hundreds of kids call themselves. Thay are NOT pyros. Pyromania is a mental illness where the person sets things on fire or explodes things for satisfaction. Like all manias, it acts as an addiction and pyromaniacs will feel uncomfortable and uneasy. Thay won't be able to sleep or stay calm. Just because you carry a lighter around that doesn't make you a pyro.
Person: LOL! I am such a pyro, Ohmagawd!, this one time I, like, burned a leaf.

You: I hope you die in a car wreck.
by The Zookeeper August 9, 2005
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A pyro can be a range of things: If used alone pyro is a slang that is implied to mean that you like fire, But if used as a root word it relates to fire in one way or another. The slang term is used way to often kinda like noob or powned. Athough alot of people think you just need to like fire to be a pyro thats not true. To be a pyro you need to love fire, not be able to spend a day without it. Your a pyro if a day isn't normal when it lacks fire involvement. A pyro is not to be mistaken with an idiot or terrorist.
Non-Pyroman (Speaking): I once lit off a bomb with some friends.

Pyroman (In thought): What a dipshit, I did that this morning and during lunch, I'm also doing that right now. Oh well, it's not my fault if he gets his head blown up because he's so close.

Non-Pyroman (Speaking): Why are you runing?
by Preebes October 9, 2005
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A Pyro is an person who is obsessed with the burning of fire. often people claim to be pyros because they like to play with fire. in actuality pyromanics actions are often more aggressive and noticeable signs of underlining issues like Psychopathy or schizophrenia. pyros are often educated in the uses of chemicals and usually are calm and controlled unless around any form of flammable chemicals, during this time they become jittery and obsessive compulsive.

-Most Signs that you really are a pyro.

1. You have gone far and beyond out of your way to use fire.

2. you have held a blue flame under your arm for atleast 5 seconds because its beautiful.


4. you often find yourself euphoric thinking about burning

5. you have played with fire far and beyond the point of burning yourself.

6. when someone says theyre a total pyro you dont correct them you just know theyre pussys and youre the real firestarter

7. you suffer from one of these common issues

ADD- Attention-deficit disorder
ADHD- Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
OCD- Obsessive Compulsive disorder
ODD- Oppositional Defiant Disorder

usally consisting of ADHD OCD and most commonly ODD

girl:"whats wrong with that kid?"
Boy:"idk but that fuckin pyro better stay over there"


when you see someone buying gallons of acetone for "paint remover"


Guy 1 : "dude what happened to your arm hair?"
Guy 2 : "oh i burned it off"
Guy 1 : "dude your a fuckin pyro, u need to cut that shit out youll hurt yourself"
Guy 2 : "so? its fun(worth it)"
by Da_Mad-Hatter March 7, 2009
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Either A) a person who enjoys burning things or B) a person who like fire in general.
Jason is always having campfires, i think hes a Pyro.
by PyroSkelly March 23, 2016
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My nickname ive gotten because of being a pyro main.
Watr: Yo guys have u seen pyro's new video?
Trey: Yeah it was gay as fuck LOL
by thatpyromainlol December 24, 2020
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A term that expresses that target person is extremely insane, with extreme cases of megalomania, multiple personalities, and obsessed with fire. Persons like this should be treated with caution.
"Hey, did you hear what that guy did? He burned down a teacher's house!"
"Yeah, he's such a Pyro."
by Original Pyro December 1, 2006
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