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to pull down your pants int he presence of a girl you want to have sex with. Once down it is either sink or swim. If she says, "What are you doing?" One simply pulls their pants back up, and replies, "My belt came loose, sorry." If she likes what she sees, you are good to go!
Man, I Pavlo'd this chick last night and damn was it good. She loved it!
by DFitz October 26, 2006
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A person who is very kind, who is sweet and caring and never dull to be around, even if you aren't speaking much. They may be a cat lover. Anyone with a friend named Pavlo is very lucky and should make an effort to keep in contact with them.
I can't wait to go hang out with Pavlo!
by Super Derpasaurus April 27, 2013
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A bit of a gay who loves VERY BIG Penis
Love is just a word penis is something that Pavlos normal sucks
by ugandan sonic January 21, 2018
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The best boyfriend ever. If you are dating a Pavlos never let them go. If you do it will be the worst mistake you've ever made. Someone will swoop them up and take them as soon as you do. He is might not like himself but he is the sweetest person ever. SO NEVER LOSE THEM!
Girl 1: I went on a date with pavlos last night!
Girl 2: OMG! he's the sweetest and cutest! everyone likes him! don't lose him!
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