When a person has got your back or does something that has a positive effect for you.

People are so selfish in 2016, but the one´s who decide to put your happiness ahead of their own are real MAIN people.

A main person is someone who is the opposite of SHADY.
Astrid: "We´re gonna party so hard on Saturday! Can´t wait!"

Thea: "I can´t go..."

Astrid: "WHY?!"
Thea: "I can´t afford alcohol right now. No alcohol, no party.."
Astrid: "I will pay for your alcohol!!!"

Thea: "Really? Wow, you are so main!"
by 9KAG November 30, 2016
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In RPGs (and especially MMORPGs) term "main" usually refers to the character a player plays the most. That may mean the most time investment, or the highest story/level/item progression.
I have two characters on this server and this one is my main, I have the best items available in the game on this paladin.
by raijke May 06, 2016
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One of the best and top rainbow six siege clans.
Omg can i join your MAIN clan.
via giphy
by Buzuka September 29, 2019
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A substitute for "man," often used simply for effect.
Yo, main, pick me up some of that jount!

You gotsta be kiddin', main.
by daTRUTH March 18, 2003
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1) major, central, most common, principal, or absolute thing

-Usually in refernce to a hobby or trait
I ski too, but snowboarding is my main.

Brunettes are kinda main here.

Dudee, I like her a lot, but skating is my main.

by Crackkbaby February 14, 2008
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In GTA Vice City, the mission for the cubans in the boat, the guy with Tommy says: You the main! main!, main!! You got some BIIIIIG cojones!! (You are the main man, man)
by Cleany May 14, 2004
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in runescape, a shity online game, its when you have a strong account, and then alot of weaker acounts. the strong account is your main, meaning main account.
nooblet #1: dude your only level 6 i can own you
nooblet# 2: nuh uh i have a lvl 70 main i could kick your ass
by nick the prick July 19, 2006
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