Aidens are attractive, sensible, significant and should be treated with proper respect. When you meet an Aiden, you should hold onto them; whether you're good friends with them or dating. Why? Because you're not going to come across another one that's half as adorable, endearing or foxy. Plus, he likes tacos? How does it get better than that.
Did you guys see that adorable kid in the taco costume? That's Aiden.
by aidenlover December 30, 2011
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Someone who is just simply amazing. Don't get him mistaken with Hayden. Its just without the H. He can make anybody's day simply by him giving them a smile. You'll hardly ever hear anything mean come out of his mouth. All he has is positivity to bring to you. Even if he is having a rough day, he still manages to have a great attitude, and make others smile! Even bad days are rare for him because he finds good in each day! He brings others before himself, especially family. Not to mention his hugs are the best in the world! Feels like you're in heaven when you're in his arms. Ever meet an Aiden, don't let him go!
You look like you need a smile, go talk to Aiden!
by MissyDownTown September 26, 2013
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If u know and Aiden, he’s probably really good looking, he’s got a good body and everything about him is breath taking and you can’t even look him in his green sparkling eyes without your heart fluttering. He’s an amazing kisser and he has perfect hands to hold. He’s good at sports, soccer especially. He’s does okay in school, has good friends. Somehow he’s amazing at video games and makes you mad with his literally impossible skills. However be careful with him, he can hurt you but he’s easy to forgive because his personality and everything about him is just wonderful. He may seem happy but deep down he’s not, he needs love and care in his life and if he has someone to make him happy then he’ll try his best to stay happy for that person. If you have an Aiden in your life then keep him around.
Omg there he goes, I can’t stop staring at Aiden
by Hey, your special January 16, 2019
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An amazing guy. Funny, smart, caring, and handsome. He always knows what to say to make anyone's day.
Girl 1: Who is that cute guy over there!
Girl 2: That's Aiden. He's the most popular guy in school!
Girl 1: Damn, I would totally bang!
by Unknown mysterious wizard October 24, 2015
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Aiden is an amazing person. He will make u laugh no matter what. He’s a cringey person. He says he’s a movie buff but he can easily be proven wrong just by asking if he saw a classic disney movie. He’s really cute and Intelligent even if he says he isn’t. He is good at sports and a lot of girls find him attractive. But he thinks he’s ugly.
He’s a hot piece of man, a real aiden.
by Eveethekiwii February 13, 2019
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Aiden is a great person that will care about you do anything to make another happy he will give what he feels like giving he’s very nice once you meet a Aiden don’t leave them.They are funny and will always be there for you.He gives 3 chances but use them wisely.He is very talented he has a one of a kind personality
I was thinking about Aiden and I just miss him :person 2: text him!!!! he is so nice
by Yung Youngling February 11, 2019
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