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Your favorite character to use in any fighting video game would be your “main”
Aiden: eww, your main is ness
Henery: of course it is
by Slang.com773 March 13, 2020

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When you cum on a rag every day for months and it grows fungi on it like mushrooms for example.
Walter: Why the hell is there a mushroom in your room!!!

Rick: Chill, it’s fine. I’m starting a cum farm to make a mushroom garden in my room
by Slang.com773 March 14, 2020

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A shorter way to say because
Jake:why did you do that!
Amy:Cuz I did
Jake: Oh
by Slang.com773 March 13, 2020

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A shortened word for yo mama when you are lazy
Yoma so fat, the stairs fell down with her when she fell
by Slang.com773 March 13, 2020

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When you are a weeb but act like a normie too. You are not a weemie just because you watch a popular anime
Greg likes naturo but he posts a tik tok right after an episode. Tik tok is normie but nature is weeb. WEEb. norMIE = weemie
by Slang.com773 March 18, 2020

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When your depressed but very open about it. Usually, people who are “expresso depresso” are probably faking it for attention. Or they are trying to get help.
Girl: I’m depressed!
Boy: No, you’re expresso depresso
by Slang.com773 April 05, 2020

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