A heartfelt and painful longing for something or someone.
Her yearning for her dead husband brought her to the verge of tears.
by rar January 22, 2004
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A longing between two people in love with each other. The overwhelming urge to hear, touch, or see one another. An emotional and/or physical desire to be with the one you love.
She exhibits a lovers yearning towards him.
He and she have a lovers yearning for each other.
by Kaiti-ness November 01, 2007
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An office game involving industrial kettles and masturbation. The aim of the game is to enter the office kitchen when no one's about and nut one out into the giant kettle, or urn, which dispenses boiling water for tasty warm beverages, without getting caught.

If you succeed, you gain the satisfaction of knowing people are supping on your jizz, and the respect of your co-workers who are also in on the game. If you fail, you are probably fired.
Jones: Why are you clearing your desk?
Gorman: I got caught urn yearning again.
Jones: I didn't. Enjoy your coffee poindexter.
by Filth Wizard May 20, 2008
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Is when a lesbian craves a girl so deeply that she would do anything for her
Ex: Ellie Chu is lesbian yearning for Aster Flores
Go watch #TheHalfOfIt on netflix
by Redchaoxx May 01, 2020
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Tyrone: Where Jamal at?

Jerome: The library.

a pause

Jerome: He be lookin' for some booty.

Tyrone: ahh, Brother's got the Suburban Yearning
by klien5654 November 14, 2007
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