An expression of surprise or astonishment. Originally British, it now has a slightly satirical connotation.
Excuse me, but Madame appears to have been swept out to sea by a tidal wave.

Good Lord, Jeeves, that's appalling. Well, tell the maid to remove one place setting from the dining table.
by balblican July 17, 2004
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An exclamation, such as "My god!" or "No way!" A corrupted religious statement that no longer has any religious ties, like "Oh my God!"
"You fell off a mountain and landed in a swamp, then were eaten alive by carnivorious shrimp? And you're still alive? Good Lord!"
by Ellie July 24, 2004
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used by high class people as a posh word for "Oh" as in see example below:
Good Lord No, you would never catch me doing that in a million years!
by HeeBee Gee Bee July 23, 2004
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An exclamation of shock or indignation most commonly used when cussing is not a good idea, or used more frequently in rural areas.
by Auntie M July 19, 2004
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exclaimed at a moment of shock. usually in a very posh british accent
"good lord.. look at the size of that man's penis!"
by sarah may April 6, 2006
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used mostly by old women instead of HOLY SHIT!
"Good Lord it's hot outside" should be
"Hole shit its fuckin hot outside!"
by me July 22, 2004
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Phrase used when the lord is actually not so good.
Good lord! What do you mean they are going to repo my BMW?!
by cbeck July 20, 2004
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