30 definitions by mephisto

me, the lord of pain.
Jerk: Ouch, that hurt.
Friend: You can thank Mephisto for that.
by mephisto May 30, 2003
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teh Best dude in all of IRC and CS
R4ND0MDUD3: Mephisto j00 r teh man
Mephiso: no shit
by mephisto June 3, 2004
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the best way to get an asian wife without being asian.
$3.50! for a mail order bride? good lord thats a lot of money.
by mephisto May 28, 2003
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one who acts in a manner that is lulling or calming to lions. For some reason, most pro tamers use whips to make them look cool.
Man: that lion is angry
WOman: better get the lion tamer.
by mephisto June 3, 2003
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a fictional disease similair but faster acting than ebola. it first appeared in the movie Outbreak. It later was in Clerks:the animated series
DANTE: Isn't there a cure for Motaba?
ARMY MAN: Yes, burning you alive, actually.
by mephisto May 28, 2003
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Harrison ford's character in star wars. Pretty badass
Han: It's just a dead animal Chewie.
by mephisto June 2, 2003
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