1- Out of home, outside.
2- In another country.
1- Mom, i´m calling you because i´m abroad.
2- We´re on vacation abroad.
by serfo December 8, 2011
A foreign country that isn't your home, if you been to 2 foreign countries it means you've been abroad twice.
by Sanya 7896 April 7, 2020
A mentally challenged individual from the UK, who travels to foreign countries with no intention of integrating with the culture there. Instead, they hunt down a full English breakfast, followed by a bar to watch football, 10 pints of Carling and a Sunday roast. Never attempts any of the language and is constantly ridiculed by locals who know they can't understand one word they are saying. They sit on the beach in uncomfortable temperatures, wear no sun cream, a white handkerchief on their head and sit down to dinner resembling a lobster that's been caught on the job. Such an individual can be mostly found in Spain in any location prefaced by 'Costa', the Algarve and various other areas that have been downgraded in order to make these people feel more at home.
'Carol goes to the Benidorm every year and stays at the Royal George. She says they do a lovely Shepherds pie.' ...... 'Really? What a Brit abroad!'
by conti_bwoy January 26, 2014
1. A variation of study abroad where one's ambitions change from being academic to purely erotic.

2. Traveling to a foreign country with the intension of engaging in sexual intercourse with one or more of the local indigenous people.

3. Having more than normal amounts of sex outside of one's homeland.
Meg: "I've only been here for a week and I've already slept with ten people... and only seven of them were boys."

Al: "Wow. Way to be a slut Meg."

Meg:"Oh my God! Slutty Abroad! LOL!!!!!"
by Charlie Jacobs June 4, 2007
The act of spending the night with someone in their bed; Sleeping in another person's bed; Getting laid in a bed that is not your own
Brian, "Yo man you didn't come home last night." Chris, "I was sleeping abroad at Laura's, oh yea."
by Chris Anderson (Boca) November 18, 2008
"the devil's abroad", i.e., destruction and death from wild and furious forces are eminent; all hell has broken loose.
Reference, * Gillespie*, Sir Henry John Newbolt's poetic account of the Vellore Mutiny of 1806
"The Devil's abroad!" , shouted the deck hand as the giant fish rammed the flailing craft and stove in its timbers.
by korbo1 March 12, 2017
Basically, a six-month paid vacation for rich kids who've never worked a day in their lives. It involves little-to-no studying, spending upwards of $15,000 that they did not earn themselves, partying, drinking, and traveling. It is often confused with the term "academic experience," although far from it. These students feel study abroad is "right" not a "privilege" and feel that it makes them better than the rest of the population.
Susie: "Oh my gosh! It was amazing! Three weeks ago I went to Prague, Germany and London. Next week I'm going to Rome, Florence, and Perugia and my parents are totally supportive."

Angela: "That's great. Did you save up during high school and your summer job?"

Susie: Save? That's what poor kids do. My dad paid for this-- I just have to pay for my souvenirs, but even then it's off my parent's card!"

Angela: "Oh"

Susie: "Yeah, this whole homework thing is getting in the way of my Study Abroad vacation."
by FlaStudent1988 April 8, 2011