I live on the 4th floor and I was taking my dog out for a walk, so we took the elevator down. The dog got in the elevator on my floor and when the door opened we were on the ground floor. The dog thought, "How the fuck did that happen? We were in a magic box!"
by Wordmaster Adam November 6, 2013
an iPhone.
Where is that restaurant?
Look it up on the magic box!
by brynsies May 26, 2009
a spot in the vaginal are that when pushed can cause an orgasm
He worked and worked my magic box till i screamed in ecstacy
by sweets June 24, 2003
A certain area in the vagina that is extremely sensitive to touch. It is almost as erotically pleasing as the g-spot.
It was sooo good. He tried to hit the g-spot but instead he HIT my magic box and GOD DID HE WORK IT!
by Nissa + samantha June 19, 2003
Any technology device that you can't deny is what you really want. In my boring house the modem is the magic box. It could be a TV. I have also refered to my laptop as a magic box.

Nothing should really be a magic box but in today's introverted world you see it much too often. Any magic box is likely to lead to an obsession; or is the obsession.
My mom took away the magic box because she is a bitch. My life sucks right now.
by a clever ud user September 7, 2009
Yo I gets home from work and I relax by watching my stories up on that magic box, you dig?
by saaavage March 22, 2009
When one either performs or receives a Wellington Finger while in a porta-loo.
"I gave that bird the ol' wellington finger in tha' loo."
"Fancy a Magic Box love?"
by Dr. Wellington and Sons November 2, 2011