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The Toyota Hilux is the toughest and most dependable vehicle on the road; just ask Top Gear
On Top Gear; they tried to destroy a Toyota Hilux and they failed to.
by a clever ud user February 15, 2010

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cool sound at the beginning of a movie.
oh dude here come's the thx sound.
by a clever ud user October 01, 2009

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Noun: The noise that is created by subwoofers.

Verb: The act of going around flaunting loud bass. Usually done while idling in parking lots
The kids put a system in their car so that they could subwoof around town. They did most of the subwoofing in parking lots.
by a clever ud user August 08, 2009

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Pieces of metal that pick up radio and TV signals.
I get TV with my TV antenna
by a clever ud user December 19, 2009

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Beer of poor quality that is cheap and usually sold for $1 even cash no tax at downtown walk up "stores". Can including up to generic awful american light beers like light ales lagers and pilsners like Budweiser, while dipping as low as keystone, natural ice, etc. And of course the epic all time low, steel reserve.
Hey do you want like a six pack of something good, or just like a 30 rack of some homeless beers?
by a clever ud user January 24, 2016

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A high-end model line of televisions and A/V components made by RCA during the 1980's. One of their only worthwhile products.
RCA Dimensia stuff is so good that this one guy made it the name of many of his accounts, made videos of it, photos of it, a Wikipeida article on it and more.
by a clever ud user September 07, 2009

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A portable battery used to jump start a vehicle with a dead battery.
The jump box has two wires coming out with clamps on the end; it also has a wall plug and a charge meter; must be for jump starting a vehicle.
by a clever ud user September 13, 2009

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