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A portable battery used to jump start a vehicle with a dead battery.
The jump box has two wires coming out with clamps on the end; it also has a wall plug and a charge meter; must be for jump starting a vehicle.
by a clever ud user September 14, 2009
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Pieces of metal that pick up radio and TV signals.
I get TV with my TV antenna
by a clever ud user December 19, 2009
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cool sound at the beginning of a movie.
oh dude here come's the thx sound.
by a clever ud user October 2, 2009
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Short version of coincidence. Easier and more hip to say.
Georgia wants to block health care in thei state.

What a coince Georgia used to be my favorite state.
by a clever ud user September 7, 2009
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Noun: The noise that is created by subwoofers.

Verb: The act of going around flaunting loud bass. Usually done while idling in parking lots
The kids put a system in their car so that they could subwoof around town. They did most of the subwoofing in parking lots.
by a clever ud user August 9, 2009
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A car audio company that is underrated by people who like to defend overpriced name brands. They make head units and car video equipment as well as the standard sound/bass stuff.
Yo I just got a new Boss amp.
>Really? How is it?
It's mad good dude, and for like 150 bucks? Can't beat it.
by a clever ud user August 14, 2009
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Vending machines that can be found in the desert; appearing as a mirage to be a coca-cola machine; much to the dismay of anybody who is lost and probably thirsty.
In family guy, Brian and Stewie were stranded in the desert when alas they saw a Coca-Cola vening maching; only to be disappointed when upon approaching it it turned out to be an RC Cola mahcine.
by a clever ud user October 7, 2009
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