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Powa' Bottling is also known in some circles as "Power Bottling".

When one smashes a bottle filled with either a corrosive or damaging chemical or substance cover someones head to cause maxium damage.
"I powa' bottled that dickhead last night, shouldn't have looked at my girl, should he?"

"This man need quick medical attention get him into surgery, he's been power bottled!"

"Powa' bottling, the best way to end a bar fight..."
by Dr. Wellington and Sons June 25, 2012
"Wellington Finger" also known as "The Wellington" also "The Wellington Finger" is a phrase which describes an action done by a sexual partner or ones self. It is when the index finger is inserted inside the anus into the rectum and twirled around in a circular motion.
"I have her the good old Wellington Finger last night."
"If you give me a free ride I'll pay you with a Wellington Finger."
by Dr. Wellington and Sons November 2, 2011
A physical disease contracted once born into the world, it afflicts one in ten men. The symptoms of this are owning a large well furnished home, owning a sports car which cost more then your university fees and having a drop dead gorgeous partner, yet still complaining about life.

The only known cure for Doucheaveriiatius is a shift sharp kick in the groin followed by a good three minute bottling.
<Wealthy Young Male Executive> "Oh darn I just got a four thousand pay rise, too bad my porsche still has another week in it, before I can buy another car, why does this depress me so much, doctor?"

<Doctor Wellington> "I'm sorry to say this, sir, you have Doucheaveriiatius."
by Dr. Wellington and Sons June 25, 2012
When one either performs or receives a Wellington Finger while in a porta-loo.
"I gave that bird the ol' wellington finger in tha' loo."
"Fancy a Magic Box love?"
by Dr. Wellington and Sons November 2, 2011