The phrase most often spoken right before someone says some gay shit.
by Very good name August 20, 2020
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"guys im not gay" is exactly what a Gay person would say.
"guys im not gay. I'm- I'M NOT GAY!"
Source: Search "Guy's I'm not gay" on Youtube.
by Psycho Doge September 28, 2020
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A seat at a movie theater located directly between two homophobic straight males who are attending the film together.
"This theater wouldn't be so crowded if there weren't so many 'Im not gay seats' being taken! GAWD"
by Arianeeeee February 8, 2007
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When two men, having a mutual respect for each other, give one another a hug and pat on the back, usually, three times in rapid succession. "pat... pat... pat" which translates to "im... not... gay"
I hadn't seen my friend in so long i hugged him, but i didn't want to seem gay so i have him the "Im not gay" hug.
by matt flowers February 11, 2007
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A WORD USED WHEN you tell your mom your not gay
"TRUST ME MOM IM NOT GAY UGH YOU NEVER BELIVE ME!" this phrase shows you are telling your mom you are not homosexual. Im not gay mom means you are telling your mom that you are not homosexual.
by im not gay mom i promise November 6, 2020
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male: ur im gay?
the guy that says yeah: yeah
male: real
by usher5048 July 5, 2023
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