Slang in Centerville for a really big zine. Usually fake in nature.
"Wow! That guy's zine looks like 5 of mine! He must have a magazine"

"I discovered his zine was a magazine when I attempted to chop it off. My knife broke!"
by nadassai0528 March 23, 2009
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to covertly back out of a plan at the last minute.
hitting on a girl when her boyfriend suddenly appears; magazine! magazine!
by GXM December 06, 2006
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Verb: To Magazine

To be up on celebrity gossip and happenings, things generally written about in celeb magazines such as Heat and OK
Gareth: i can't, mainly because i don't really care enough about them to be bothered, but *shrug* i geuss you're right what with your magazining
Nat: i don't magazine at all.. although i have been know to magazine in my younger days

by Natnatbatnat July 23, 2007
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a french woman,s magazine, that for usual! also, has become herself whore shop, at back of her store, for men that they near them to her, for sex, with paying money or not, to her again!
Cousin of mine, a "tore" was! that she really angered me for none reputative preference of her in a magazine of her in Paris.
by man!? July 31, 2017
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