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A storage place for munitions or explosives. In firearms, A Supply Camber, As A Space In, OR Container On A Firearm From Which Cartridges Are Feed

A magazine (mag) is NOT a clip nor should it be called a clip! All single barreled multi-shot weapons have a magazine. Very few directly use clips.

Gang bangers and cops confuse clips for magazines. Load your magazines.
by Sam Colt July 08, 2006
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A device that holds together or "clips" ammunition / cartridges in a bundle or inline. Used for quick insertion of cartidges into a magazine of a firearm.

Many people confuse clip and magazine. A clip is not a magazine! Extremely few firearms have a clip inserted into it to feed the weapon.
by Sam Colt July 08, 2006
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One who makes the rounds of the bars. A dissolute person or drunkard.
His wife settled that rounder down.
by Sam Colt July 08, 2006
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