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to make a rude sign with the hand by extending one's middle finger
I just invited you to come over to my house and watch R-rated movies and you had to flip the bird.
by LightJoker January 31, 2006
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a moustache (a jocular term)
Be sure to keep that cookie duster trimmed.
by LightJoker February 03, 2006
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etiquette on the internet, polite on-line behavior(from a blend of net and etiquette)
Very few people seem to know anything about using good netiquette.
by LightJoker February 02, 2006
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very rich, extremely affluent
You think you can afford a Playstation 3, an Xbox360, and a
Nintendo Revolution? You must think your made of money.
by LightJoker January 30, 2006
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escaped from millitary or otherwise not present where one is expected to be (from Absent without leave)
My friends were AWOL because they supposedly had too much homework to go Hershey park, even for one day.
by LightJoker February 01, 2006
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