Noun. From blinding. Something so good, it has the potential to cause spectator's eyesight to fail.
Henry played a blinder in the last match.
by WA May 14, 2004
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The event of getting blind drunk. A night (or longer period of time) on the booze when you get so f***ed up you can hardly remember anything that happened. Can be used in a similar context to bender.
Carlie had a real blinder when she went clubbing in Bendigo the other night.
by Spenders December 4, 2005
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n. A meal eaten after a hard night of drinking which results in confusion as to which meal it is. A combination of breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Hey bro you want to go get lunch?
Nah its my first meal today and its 3, I think we should get blinder
by TechJeffK March 30, 2008
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I always thought that b'linda was a play on words of Belinda, except that b'linda's not a vile mary
by bob hole July 7, 2003
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Absurdly large women's sunglasses that mask the face from proper evaluation. Most notably worn by women of substandard appearance. Unlike horse blinders, these do not block the vision of the wearer but that of the passerbyer. Synonyms: Slut Goggles.
Put those blinders back on you ugly cock monger.
by BDH, JDG, ERO, EA February 26, 2006
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Slang used in the West Midlands of England to refer to describe someone dressed dapper. Possibly the origin of the name of the Birmingham street gang the Peaky Blinders.
Sam was looking like a right blinder at the pub last night
by Issan_Sumisu September 29, 2020
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Leather patch-like objects that keep a horse looking straight ahead and not making side glances.

Incorrectly referred to as blinkers.
The horse trotted right by the blazing house, not seeing anything except what was dead ahead.
by Richard Black April 2, 2005
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