OK- to all of you guys dissing the mac you are ABSOLUTELY WRONG! before you start attacking it, have you ever actually had one before? sure, they crash sometimes- all computers do. but there's a lot more to macs then what the windows users who think they know everything are describing.

if you like your ipod, keep in mind that it's not the only thing apple knows how to do right.
-does your windows laptop/desktop have a built in camera above the screen for video chatting and taking pictures and videos with ur friends like a photo booth?
-does your windows laptop/desktop come with a remote control so you can play music, movies, pictures and more from across the room?
-does your windows laptop have a backlit keyboard?
-does your windows computer look anywhere near as hottt as apple's designs?
-can you download and open EVERY email and file without worrying even a little bit about getting a virus? there are 8 known mac viruses, and over 20, 000 windows ones! yes- that's a real fact.
-and let me also ask why all the people who are computer geniuses and web programmers and scientists and musicians and artists all use macs?
-can you type anything in a convenient search bar and your computer automatically searches inside all your documents, files, your music, your pictures, every single piece of information on your computer for items matching that search?
-can you click on the application dashboard and have all your widgets pop onto the screen (one for the weather forecast, one that uses your camera to provide you with a mirror, dictionary, calculator, calendar, and a family guy quote, and anything else you can possibly think of) and then with one click have it all disappear again?
-can you press one key and have all the windows you have open appear miniturized on your screen so you can pick the one you want quickly and easily?

seriously- apple just works. everything about it MAKES SENSE. things are where they are supposed to be. the computer is not a maze of unknown depths, but a space that you know your way around.

don't judge. just let people use the computers they feel most comfortable with. i just felt that apple was being really maligned by other people on this site. don't judge other operating systems, especially apple, without using one for more then just now and then... once you actually spend a little time on a mac, you will come to really value all the little short cuts available that save you sooo much time and energy, and just make the simplest things easier. whenever i use my windows computer, i find myself trying to use shortcuts from the mac that just aren't possible on windows! or wishing i had a certain application from mac... as for you gamers- apple is continuing to improve gaming graphics, compatability, etc... in fact, if you go into the apple store you will see hundreds of games compatible with the mac...plus you can effortlessly use the windows os on macs now anyway.. so all windows games now compatible with boot camp ... but seriously gamers- get a life.
Macintosh is not just a brand- it's the computer that will make all other computers pale in comparison.
by get it straight September 11, 2006
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Most of you know next to nothing about Macs, after reading a few entries.

A. Macintoshes are upgradable. I'm sorry, is PCI/PCI Express not good enough for you?
B. Macintoshes are way faster than Winblows. It's been proven in benchmark test after benchmark test. Just because a computer has a higher clock speed doesn't mean that it's faster. Ever heard of CHIP STRUCTURE? Kthx.
C. Macintoshes were the /ORIGINAL/ personal computer. GET IT THROUGH YOUR FUCKING HEADS.
D. They aren't paperweights. I'm using a Mac right now damnit. Anyone with HALF A FUCKING BRAIN knows that Macs are useful. Your little Windows mags even use Macs in their art department. Mhm, that's right.
Miscellaneous points from others' entries:
"Then Bill Gates bought Steve Jobs out of NeXT" You've lost your mind. Apple Computer Inc. bought out NeXT under Gil Amelio's reign as CEO.
"Adobe abandoned them" Yes, that's why they still actively develop Mac apps. What a steel trap mind you've got!!
" Then OSX came out on a Linux platform" What the fuck? Stop being an idiot, you don't know what you're talking about.

You may have used Macs at some point in your lifetime, doesn't mean you know everything about them. Stop spreading BS.

" that cant run any good programs." Macs started the desktop publishing revolution, were the first computers to run Excel natively, were the first computers to run Photoshop natively ... the list goes on and on.

"Macintosh is an OS which no common people can find a use for," *SNORTSNORTSNORT* Even Windows magazine publishers use Macs in their art departments. Idiot much?

"out there" - I already responded to your little shitty entry. (: ^ there

"A large expensive paperweight typically favored by granola lovers and those who prefer not to be able to use a computer for anything worth while." You are a fucking IDIOT. Just read above, kthx. And what the hell does granola have to do with Macs? You're obviously some high-and-mighty little egotist ... so please, get over yourself.

There, I pwned all your posts in just one single post! (: Kthx. < 333333
"I bought a Macintosh! I'm so happy, I can /finally/ get things done =DDDDDD"
by Mac user gal April 04, 2006
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Macintosh is a computer operating system that is created by Apple to try to make computer life fuller, crisper, cleaner, and better on many levels. The Macintosh website has many legitimate reasons to buy a Mac that PC fanboys will claim are stupid, myths, or standard on their PC.

Unlike other computers, Macintosh comes with programs you will use and programs that make it easier to manage your files.

Those who give thumbs down to this entry are PC fanboys, and have probably never tried a Mac, and believe any PC is just fine with an anti-virus, even though, to an extent, it does slow the computer down.

Macintosh is also a computer assembled completely in one place by the people who write the software. Apple builds their own computer, and therefore, know what runs best with their Operating system, whereas other operating systems are hit-and-miss.
User 1: Dammit, man, stop trying to send me stuff, I told you, my Windows vista just crashed from viruses and won't work anymore. You know what it is right?

Smarter guy: No actually, I don't have to worry about that with my Macintosh.

User 1: Yeah, I bet that thing took forever to download all your programs.

Smarter guy: No actually, all the programs I use came with my macintosh already installed.
by KT JDDD August 10, 2010
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Also called Mac, it's an expensive paperweight, with a buggy OS called "Mac O-Eh Sex Leopard" that hangs all the time. It has a nice design, but the hardware is poor and the OS, as said earlier, is very buggy.

You can buy a PC with 800$.
You can buy a Mac with the same specs of a PC with 1000$ more!

Windows PWNS Mac OS!
And when Macs crash, the crash is caused by the OS and they just show "You need to restart the computer" in 4 languages.

When Windows crashes, the crash is caused by a 3rd party software or hardware and they help you solve their problem in their blue screen of death.
by TheWindows7Guy January 27, 2009
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The computers made by Apple. Hated by most windows users. It mainly runs the OSX operating system, but some older models can run the OS9 system, while the newer ones can dual boot with Windows.

A computer that is just as capable of doing things as a Windows based PC is. The problem is that the mac bashers out there have little or no experience with the operating system, and are mostly lazy ignorant teenagers who spell like crap; and are completely unable to wrap their mind around the concept of change. As soon as they realize that the GUI of OSX is WAY easier to use than windows, they shit themselves and run back to good 'ol Vista. Any open-minded person would realize that it is crucial not to get all hyped about something, and completely hate everything else,
Me: I love my Macintosh!

Mac Hater: psh!!!1!11 windows ish so much betta becuz it haz gamse!!11!

Me: Well, the Mac has games too. And it can dual boot Windows, or use Parallels to play games. Can Windows do that?

Mac Hater: weel u jus liek appl becuz your are a fag fanbuy and you suck dick gay faggot ashole cunt!

Me: Dude, I don't even like Apple, I don't own an iPod, and I have 2 Windows based PC's and a Mac.

Mac Basher: wellz all i eva hasd wuz a windowz so ix not guna change fo your ass. gay fag bistch macs hate windowas asnd dont even play gamwes.

Me: Okay, well. I'm gonna go skate. See ya!
by WOOOM February 24, 2010
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A computer some people seem to think sucks and is "overpriced" when building a PC with the specifications of a Mac Pro is EXACTLY the same price! Actually a little less! It is because they don't understand because of it's previous failures from OS9 to Panther. But now it is known as the most advanced operating system in the world due to it's ability to surpass almost any PC on the market in benchmarks. That TAKES SKILL M$ you can't even make an OS capable of running well on your own platform! Reasons any Mac hater is wrong:
1. Macs are no where near overpriced, go build a computer with equal specs and make sure you don't skimp on the quality of your parts you will see the Mac Pro is under-priced! FB-DIMMS are expensive as are 2 friggin Xeons!! THAT'S 8 CORES so don't complain ONLY 2 GIGS!!?!? FOR $2799!!!??! you want overpriced? Go see how fucking expensive Windows 7 is going to be and how many versions there are going to be with almost nothing added between 100s of dollars.
2. It can edit videos, pictures, and audio better than any PC on the market can hence almost everything you do related to media was done on a Mac those retarded "I'm a PC" ads DONE ON A MAC!! FAILURE M$
3. They run fast for life because they don't open every goddamn application at once upon start-up and there are almost no viruses out there for them.
4. They can run every OS on the planet efficiently and sexily.
5. The one thing I will admit is they suck for gaming...but that is all they suck at.
6. It doesn't crash when you insert a flash drive or play a video.
AND PLEASE DON'T THUMBS DOWN ME BECAUSE YOU LIKE WINDOWS BETTER. I do not hate Windows by any means I just think OS X is better...
Dude I just built myself an 8 core PC instead of a Macintosh!!

Really how much did it cost?


by Alucard Hellsing February 16, 2009
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PC users (and many Mac users) miss the central tenet of Macintosh.

The Macintosh was designed as an 'information appliance.'
It was never designed to be opened and messed around with.

The software has better 'integration' with the OS, an OS that wasn't 'shoe-horned' into a platform that was never designed to run a GUI to begin with.

Most Mac users can also use a PC, every PC user I know can't operate a Mac, normally down to the fact they can't find the 'Start' menu. (This makes PCs preferable to Macs in that toddlers (and my Dad!) etc know exactly where to begin.)
PC users DO tend to be much more intelligent than Mac users though, mainly down to the fact they can perform rocket science type stuff like open up their PCs and fit a new hard-drive or shove in some new RAM.
When I play a DVD, I dont expect to have to open up the player, mess around inside only to find my movie doesn't play 'cause I haven't got the correct drivers installed.

That's the point of Macintosh.

Plus virus, dialer-trojan, worm attacks (for Windows users only of course!)
PCs also have an inbuilt feature were they crash on purpose because a silly Mac user has tried to do something constructive with it.

PC/LINUX users? what's the point when you need to boot into Windows anytime you need to run an industry standard app? Games don't count as 'industry standard.'
(LINUX being a castrated UNIX of course - See MacOS X.)

There are indeed very few games for Macintosh!
(IBM also make expensive, feature rich, minimalist laptops.)
Intelligent PC user- 'Why don't you use a PC?'

Me- 'All my apps run better and faster on a Macintosh, my software is so well integrated with the OS I can meta-link systems from one app straight into an other (see Vannevar Bush and his vision of 'Hypertext', Ted Nelson - 'Xanadu' (not to be confused with ELO.) and Alan Kay for 'meta-media.')
If I really wanted to play games all day I would have purchased an Xbox/Playstation/Gamecube. And dont forget...we kick started (ahem!) 'affordable' DTP!'

Intelligent PC user- 'Oh'

Me- 'You PC users will have the last laugh though! Now that the Mac and PC (since Apples jump to Intel), are basically the same platform in different guises, I'm just waiting for the day Steve Jobs (sold up the river!) announces a jump to Microsoft Windows.
On that day I'm moving to IBM Thinkpad!'
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