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A very stable, UNIX based computer that "PC Users" feel they have to hate. Any PC user should thank Apple because without Apple you would 1) Have no mouse. 2) Have no graphical user interface (GUI). 3) No Windows "Vista," because the OS is basically a copy of many of the features that Mac users have had for years.

Seriously guys, DaimlerBenz invented the automobile, Starbucks re-invented coffee as we know it, and Apple invented the personal computer. The first is always the best at everything.
PC User: Did you guys see the new Windows Vista preview?! It's sweet with the gadgets and live preview on the taskbar!!
Mac User: I've had those features for a while man...
PC User: Wow you must be l33t did you download a pirated copy of the developers release!!?!?!
Mac User: Uh no, I use a Macintosh.
by Matthew Gill February 08, 2006
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An excellent tool for completing several tasks, and multi-tasking. Allows you to get work done very quickly, and make it look great. Also used for gaming, research, online chat, and other forms of communication. Usually a problem-free machine that won't give you hassle unless you're using Windows. (I thought i'd make a definition for Macintosh computers)
Man i love this computer, i got my entire project done in 20 minutes! And while i was doing it, i was listening to my favorite music and chatting with my friends.

PC User: Oh sweet, yeah i tried to finish it last night but i got a virus, and had to reinstall my operating system.
by Matthew Gill February 08, 2006
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A very simple, easy to use music player. People often enjoy bashing on them saying other brands have x more features such as radio, voice recorder etc. Most people don't need all that BS and it makes things more complicated. The iPod sells very well because it does something very well, play music, and offers a very good user experience. The FM thing is really dumb, why would you need FM radio on your mp3 player, when in fact, it IS an MP3 PLAYER! Don't you want to play MP3's?? That's like buying a CD player so you can listen to the radio, wtf?

Also, it's true you pay the premium for an iPod for it's very nice aesthetic design. It's obviously superior than any other plastic piece of garbage. Everything else simply feels cheap, and looks cheap, and is packaged in tacky packaging. All of those combined give the iPod an excellent out of the box experience, and it feels nice in the palm of your hand.
iPod Owner: I love my iPod, it's so smooth and works great, although my hard drive ended up failing i'll simply drop it by the Apple Store, since I'm not cheap and actually bought an additional 2 years of service for it, they'll take care of it right away and I'll probably get a refurb immediately.
Creative Owner: Hey look! My ZEN makes creaky noises when you squeeze it!! Sweet! OH shit i broke it... :(
by Matthew Gill April 28, 2006
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An operating system based on the PlaySkool interface. Magically appeared after Apple introduced it's "Aqua" environment, making the first move to make a computer operating system more enjoyable, and pleasing to the eye. Basically, take Windows 98 and Windows 2000, mix them together and add PlaySkool design techniques, and you have Windows XP.
XP User: Whoa dude check out my new Windows XP i just bought! My start button is GREEN! HEHEHE!!!
Mac User: Oh umm, ok sure.. check this out *moves pointer across dock as it expands*
XP User: Whoa thats slick, where did you download that!?
Mac User: Um, i didn't download anything, I purchased a computer from the correct section of the store at CompUSA.
by Matthew Gill April 28, 2006
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Getting drunk and swerving between lanes on an empty highway very early in the morning.
Dude: Me and steve got wasted last night and went out swangin.
by Matthew Gill February 21, 2006
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