Simply put, a Graphics Card is a piece of computer hardware that produces the image you see on a monitor. You'll notice that graphics cards are becoming more in demand in the current years... More demand means less supply and less supply means higher pricing. Higher pricing leads to scalping and people give in to it and it continues. This usually happens when a brand new type of card comes out and everyone wants one. There are really only 2 major discrete gpu providers which are Nvidia and Amd which make discrete gpus not so versatile other then from theses two brands!
I sold my two kidney stones for the new RTX 3090 graphics card that was sold by a scalper that was tripled in price!
by CUMSE April 13, 2021
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computer hardware device which takes the overload of the graphic processing from the processor to itself. it also has a video memory which stores the graphic content to be displayed on the monitor.

The hardware that changed the PC gaming market.
Indian boy : papa i want a 9800 gtx graphic card in my PC.

Indian father : hey PC was for your studies i think.

Indian boy : yes with a graphic card i can do my study work in an "graphic intense" way and i will be doing my home work in a more helping user friendly environment.

Indian father : oh then i will buy u the latest one son.

Indian boy : i love you papa

Indian father : oh son

Indian boy : (evil smile)
by stasis911 May 27, 2009
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A fucking overpriced piece of shit that "totally doesn't doesn't help your computer at all."
You should totally try running Skyrim at ultra settings and 4k with onboard graphics, because graphics cards are for losers.
by Geek_Squad_999 July 24, 2017
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