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The future. Get over it. Remember, a digital SLR is essentially a 35mm camera; you still have to know the basics in order to use it. Taking great pictures is not a matter of using or not using photoshop, it's having the eye. Great pictures come from the soul, not the equipment. Film is gone, nothing lasts forever, but the spirit of photography remains.
My D70s and the D3 I will soon own make everything clear through the 50mm lens. Digital photography is the greatest thing to ever happen to photojournalism.
by Cakeeye September 21, 2007
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A completely talentless form of "art" in which the only thing you need to be successful is photoshop or some other sort of program making actual practice or talent unnecessary and completly void.
since im into digital photography i need absolutely no talent!
by Matt Wilhelm October 04, 2005
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A popular hobby involving the regular purchase of increasingly expensive and hopelessly complex image capture equipment in order to keep pace with alleged improvements to such aparatus.
"I'm into digital photography, Frank!"
"Sod that, Dave! You'll have to remortgage the house!"
by Laurence Thomas Fowler September 18, 2007
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