An old meme from the song The Clash - Rock the Casbah Because on a part of the song it says Rock the Casbah But it sounds Like Lock The Takbar referencing the Windows Lock The Taskbar feature
Person 1 (Singing):The shareef don't like it, Lock The Taskbar, Lock The Taskbar
Person 2:you are saying it wrong its "The shareef don't like it, Rockin' the Casbah, Rock the Casbah"
Person 1:oh...
by napstaa967 December 11, 2019
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A famous song by the Punk band The Clash.
The Shareef don't like it, lock the taskbar.
by kzkkzkzxkkzxkxz September 5, 2017
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The sense of chaos that is created when too many programs/windows are open on one desktop computer.
ADD person at work: "My computer is being so slow; I, consequently, feel lethargic."
Responsible coworker: "You must have taskbar turmoil! How many AIM conversations do you have up!?"
by taskbar-gal November 16, 2008
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When a person quickly covers their computer screen taskbar with their index finger, hiding its contents from someone else. Most commonly used by people who live with their parents and can't stop looking at internet porn.
Duder 1: "Did I tell you that my dad almost caught me last night? I had to do a taskbar cover up to hide my porn from him."

Duder 2: "What? Didn't you look like a jackass with your finger on the screen the whole time?"

Duder 1: "Yeah, he knew what was up. I should have just told him to get out so I could jerk it. He's cool like that."
by westfalia December 21, 2009
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A 'feature' of Windows XP and a type of Disobedient Computer Syndrome.

You can see a perfect example of this if you set the taskbar to autohide, and have say MSN Messenger running (and have disabled 'display alerts when a new message is recieved')

Whenever a new message comes in, the taskbar button for it will flash (or at least remain highlighted) until you click on it. As well, the taskbar itself will pop-up and you cannot get it to autohide until that button stops flashing (ie, you click on it to see what it is).

A *very* annoying feature as you might have several windows and programs running at once and may be focused on something which having to respond to a message (and seeing that bloddy button flashing like some attention craving person that refuses to wait for you and/or cannot understand that you're also doing other things and/or talking to other people) will break your concentration. Having busy or away mode will not stop this feature.

Pop-up's on websites and other windows demanding attention will also do it.

There is no apparent way to turn this feature off, making it one of the most aggrivating features in Windows XP.
A user is working in photoshop or watching a DVD with MSN set to away or busy when one of his contacts keeps messaging him, causing this wonderfull feature to distract him.

User: Hmmmm, looks like someone wants me to block him.
by Guest March 9, 2005
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your discord is on windowed mode dumbass
Idiot: google: "taskbar not showing"
(discord is in windowed mode)
by chinesewarrior88 September 5, 2023
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