A Lurker is like a creep he is the kid that sits in the back of your anatomy class. He has large but sunken in eyes,greasy hair, a pasty complexion, and a crooked smile. When he laughs he sounds like he's hissing. He also offers you rides home to and from school even though he lives 15 miles out of the way. But thats ok because he never sleeps. His biggest fantasy is to be your number 1 stalker.
"Look at that goddamn Lurker, get out of my Art Room Lurker."
"I'm not turning my back to you for one second Lurker."
by Chachilovesthenightlife September 30, 2005
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one who smokes your weed but never offers to smoke his or hers
"Don't let that lurker come, he never has any chron to blaze"
by RWC December 02, 2003
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Someone hwo goes to a crowded place and follows people. They usually watch people to see there next moves and try to get them in trouble.
Evan: That dude is a lurker man!
Jeff: Yeah, I know! Let's leave!
Evan: He's following us!
by Gaz1112 May 23, 2008
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one who follows you on the slots and waits for you to go broke on a machine that hasnt paid off... then wins a shitload of money off your machine. usually in old lady form.
OMFG, that lurker just took my 1,000,000$ jackpot... the whore...
by [LOLMAN] February 25, 2006
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someone or something that lurkes in your personal space
a lurker is a multitude of things in our world, a lurker could be a sexy man or nasty north sea 'lurker' man, it is all random things like when a fly lands on you its 'lurking'!!

North Sea lurkers are men who are divorced and over 50. South sea lurkers are men who are under 19
Lady North sea lurkers are women who get the too many children bulge! and are over 50 and think they are cool.
by Zoe Bell July 15, 2006
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People who hang at the skatepark and smoke weed all day instead of skating.
"yo i think we'll be the only ones at the skatepark today"

"nah man theres always the fuckin lurkers"
by suicidalwonton August 18, 2009
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One who lurks, particularly online in chat mediums. Lurkers are fond of staying in the shadows like a spider but monitoring online chat activity all the while. Lurkers usually have a tendency to profess innocence of lurkdom, as well as offer excuses of supposed non-lurk activity when caught.
"Did you see that guy, Alan, online? Boy is HE a lurker."
by JahTheKwee88 June 30, 2015
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