A group of thin, wispy hairs located on the upper lip that the wearer believes constitutes facial hair. Much like he believes her thin, wispy cries constitute consent.
Hey, nice molestache...wait, what are you doing? Don't touch me, just--no! Oh, God! Help! Please, someone! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!
by mart1779 February 11, 2009
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MOLESTache, the unfashionable mustache that rapists pedophiles(child MOLESTers) and dictators wear.
BTK killer, Hitler, Stalin all have a molestache. Exemptions Burt Reynolds(only).
by jamesemoryjackson July 22, 2006
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A group of bristles or hairs about the mouth of a man who cannot seem to grow it in fully. Sometimes this is caused by the subject going through puberty, but it is generally thought that Darwin's theory of evolution may take part in this phenomenon.(if a person is undesirable, his body may not allow him to have normal bodily functions...like growing hair on his face.) This act of trying to grow facial hair but horribly failing is usually perpetrated by child molesters and heshers for some unknown reason.(or possibly the Darwinist theory above)
That guy over there in the trenchcoat reading teen beat has a killer Molestache!
by pimphuge February 25, 2003
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A horrible grow of hair on the upper lip halfway between peach fuzz and a mustache. This frighting facial hair is often grow on the lip of a teenage boy either trying to look manly or simply refusing to shave. Can also appear on the face of an old woman.
Oh look at Jim he really needs to shave he is getting a molestache.
by psizzle93 January 31, 2009
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A mustache so disturbingly creepy, it literally molests your eyeballs. It also has been known to put women and men into a trance, whereupon the victim awakens, disrobed with the sneaking suspicion he or she has been raped.
Janine: Holy shit that was close!
Ugly Jane: What was?
Janine: The molestache on that trucker over there almost caught me in its trailer-tractor beam. Now come on, let's scram before we black out and wake up raped!
Ugly Jane: You go on ahead, I'm gonna get my fuck on.
by carrotworm May 18, 2011
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a mustache that resembles that which a child molester, such as David Westerfield, might have.
Did you see that guy's molestache Yeah he looks like such a creeper.
by LexiB February 11, 2009
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