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People who look at your myspace and dont leave comments, messages, pic comments, etc.
Rob:My Profile views just jumped from 14566 to 14589 in ten minutes!!
Fred:God damn lurkers!!
by Merritt July 07, 2006

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The greatest most pure feeling/emotion in the world. with out love, life is meaningless. you cant stand not being with that person and when ever you are away from them they are of whom you think. you only care for/about that one person, because they are all you need.
love is forever.
i love you;
forever and today
by Merritt June 09, 2006

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The state of playing video games for more then 10 hours straight.
Jimmy: Dude i beat halo 2 in 12 hours straight.
Jack: you have copperfibernemeous. no wonder you dont have a girlfriend.
by Merritt July 23, 2006

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