noun. When you are swimming and a Charlie Horse (aka a cramp) is not quite hurting yet, but it will flare up if you kick wrong.
"Holy shit, I just swam that whole practice with a lurker in each calf!"
by FloopyPirate98 January 11, 2017
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Somebody who enjoys occasional drug use and quietly keeps to himself in the crowd. He Lurks from town to town trying to get down on whatever he had found. From Clifton to D-Hill, he'll pop most any pill, to satisfy his will.
Yo is Lurker gonna be there? Aw, never mind I'm not going...
by deskox17 January 10, 2014
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a lurker is anyone who follows or partakes in something without actually contributing and/or participating in said activity. Lurkers can be found in any gathering of people, but the best place to find them is at a public skate park (one anyone can get into for free)they are easily identified by looking like they're minutes away from getting up and doing the most amazing trick you've ever seen, but upon further observation, they never actually do. The kids who seem to just sit there and talk about drugs, crime, or any other "Bad ass" activity also qualify as lurkers.
He's such a lurker. He's sat there rolling blunts all day and hasn't skated at all...
by WORD2YOURMOTHER March 14, 2009
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An asocial person who lives amongst others, but avoids as much contact with them as possible.
In a dorm room hall, the few kids who are never seen during daylight, but are occasionally run into in the restroom by the normal kids during a middle-of the night bathroom run. They live in singles (so to avoid roommates), which are on a secluded hallway, and never talk to anyone.. even if approached and spoken to.
by Matt (not the crackhead) July 10, 2005
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The people at the skatepark that sit and watch, but don't skate.
"Who are those girls sitting over there?"
"Who knows, just some new lurkers."
by dawg202 December 29, 2009
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Some body who hangs around where vehicles are parked.
Damn the lurker who hangs out in the marina creeps me out.
by Thugger April 08, 2004
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Someone who comes over to your house and stays really late, even if your tired and have to work the next day.
Dang, Tim is such a lurker; he wouldn't go away and was over at my house until 4am. I didn't get any sleep.
by studio d September 22, 2005
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