the clean version of douche-bag; can be used in business situations.
Those lunch-bags totally stole our business plan!
by megeditor October 23, 2008
eating out, as in oral sex - specifically outdoors.
"I just got done fixing her a lunch bag."
by fallacyb February 19, 2009
usually the stage before being a cornballer , one who's age does not reflect their sexual appetite, their unperky Down Pointers , a neen who dwells in the suburbia of russel looking for a fix.
brent steele you fucking neener, leave those cornballer's and lunchbags alone you cooter stick
by J-BOMB January 28, 2004
the act of a man shitting into a woman's vagina and stapling it shut
Yeah I Minnesota Lunch Bagged dat bitchh
by big dawggggggg March 5, 2012
When three or more guys share a condom, and the girl slurps the collective jizz down.
"I didn't believe her when she said that's what she wanted, but Crash begged for a bag lunch. I'm just glad I was the first with the condom, I don't want the AIDS."
by Ill-tempered Pirate November 6, 2007
A sexual encounter usually during the mid-day. Usually during lunch time, one would leave work or school to meet someone for a "quickie" then return to work or school. Hence the term "Bagged" lunch
1) Meeting Leah for a bagged lunch today.
2) Heading home today for a bagged lunch.
3) Just had a bagged lunch with a co-worker.
by Pabst blue September 2, 2009
When a man is forced to ejaculate into a paper bag to avoid mess and cleanup in times of duress or in a college dormitory.
"I had to bag lunch it yesterday because we weren't sure when her roommate was coming back."
by I AM A PIMP September 4, 2004