n. a state of wellbeing, usually characterised by positive emotions, ranging from contentment to euphoria. The feeling usually occurs during or after a much-needed midday meal with friends.
interj. Used to express anticipation of the euphoria to follow.
n. ah, that cheeseburger was good. So much lunchness.. :)

n. last summer I had so much lunchness in my life.

interj. A: Let's go to that new restaurant on the corner.

B: Oh lunchness, yes!
by bleurb May 1, 2011
This word was very popular in and around the Washington DC area. I first heard the word circa 1985 in high school. Veriable definition. Could be crazy, high, insane, tripping, pissed or thousands of other meaning. Definition is dependent upon the context. Example
"My friends mom sold me some bomb weed and then tried to get with me?! THAT CHICK IS LUNCHING!"
by grubbm2 February 6, 2016
D.C. Metro area term for being absurd, ridiculous, or idiotic.

i.e. out to lunch
She wore what?--she be lunching.
by BB June 22, 2004
Michael Riversongs cat
(rattish voice) OOOOOOOOH LUNCH!!!!
by beans January 23, 2005

1. Also known as a nooner or a “boat ride” (during which a boat ride may or may not occur), but always a mid-day sexual encounter with your significant other. Not to be confused with afternoon delight which always occurs after LUNCH.

2. “LUNCH” is an intimate gathering of gentlemen who meet to eat and drink mid-day, not to be confused with “lunch”. The number of gentlemen must exceed three men and has no upper limit other than the size of the table.

Often LUNCH has no set menu, nor is it prix fix. The most exclusive LUNCH gatherings have menus established by the chef under the “carte blanche” rule of Michelin dining.

LUNCH must include multiple bottles and types of liquor. Bonus LUNCH points are accrued for flaming drinks. Some expert arbiters of LUNCH actually cook and eat their own lunches in the restaurant’s kitchen, in which case the number of attendees may fall below two people, and may only occur if the acumen is judged high enough by the executive chef.

LUNCH may not last less than 1.5 minutes (a.k.a. Lunchus Minoris) nor exceed 6.5 hours (a.k.a. Lunchus Majoris nee Cazadores Primerus Majorus).
I met my wife for LUNCH after picking up the latest SI swimsuit edition...

Charles said we should meet for LUNCH on Friday and Marcelino took such good care of us I was in trouble until Tuesday!
by Mr-Gus April 13, 2019
Lunching - Gerund: Washington D.C. term meaning that someone is acting stupid or lame. Similar to "out to lunch". Also, "lunchin'" or noun, "lunch box"
"Do you have a smoke?"
Checks pockets for cigarettes, "No I quit five years ago."
"Man, you are lunching"
by Randy Hull December 21, 2004