7 definitions by J-BOMB

when you goto slap the bitch, but hold it back, or when some fucker is dissin your hunnie, dont talk the talk , smoke that foo
man, whats with the pussy shit? NO FAKES,

ima slap you with no fakes, fucker
by J-BOMB January 26, 2004
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usually the stage before being a cornballer , one who's age does not reflect their sexual appetite, their unperky Down Pointers , a neen who dwells in the suburbia of russel looking for a fix.
brent steele you fucking neener, leave those cornballer's and lunchbags alone you cooter stick
by J-BOMB January 28, 2004
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a meat shoppe is a gay fudge packer porn shop, only gay SHNITS and viagra boys use, usially found on the outskirts of a town or island.

gay porn store
fuck wong! get out of the meat shoppe, you basher
by J-BOMB January 27, 2004
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one who is extremely gay, who prod's cock with his girlish fingers, a guy who takes it bothways from other dinkpokers,
sinwask you dinkpoker take your finger off roach's dink, you flame
by J-BOMB January 27, 2004
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a fucked up hat that looks like shit on your head.
one that should never have been bought or sold in the first place.
that hat is more Brim than Hat!!, slut

take that shit off your head deuchebag
by J-BOMB January 25, 2004
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One who ejaculates prematurely
your first time poking the old lady
also see whippis , chuck it in , Pissing Through The Eye Of A Needle
damnit joel not again, you got a nice Shot In The Eye from your douchebagbrother !
by J-BOMB January 27, 2004
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