something someone would get if they where to see somebody of extreme hottness, and you get an instant hard and have to go and have at a mimimum 4 bats in a row.
Will:Jeeze rob did you just see katie w walk past, shiiiittt such a babe, shes getting hotter everyday i rekkon, i got a real hankering for her
Rob:For Sho shes an absolute babe
Sean:Naw shes like 14 years to old for me i need a nice tender three year old
by Master Apps August 10, 2005
Hande and Kerem are Hanker

When you observe Hanker, you will know the truth.

Even tho he’s all “aşk yokkk” we can never forget “oh Hande the things you have me do”

When you see them you will know the true sense of sexual chemistry.

May they make many mini Bürsin’s
Where there’s a caravan Rock’n, there’s Hanker
by Sweetforehead1 October 26, 2020
man she is so hot i've got a huge hanker for her.
Adj. finding a person so attractive it actually kinda pisses you off.
Oh Jennifer, you hanker sore. He’s not that cute
by Jubble October 26, 2017
To desire sex or similar relations; postulation for copulation. See also: hanky panky.
If you're hankering for a pankering, clap your hands, if you're hankering for a pankering and you really won't settle for wankering, clap your hands.
by Bloopy February 9, 2006