A course commonly taken in college by math, engineering and various other majors. It is a field of mathematics created for the sole reason of torturing anyone who thought calculus was easy. In many cases attending lectures in this class will cause mild to severe brain trauma depending on the competency of the lecturer and the student.
Joe: "So are you taking any math this semester?"

Laura: "Yeah, I'm in differential equations."

Joe: "Yeah...Mike took that last semester."

Mike: "Uggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhh."

Joe: "Aww how nice, I think he was wishing you good luck."
by 'ice' November 10, 2009
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1. An equation with one or more variables relating with their respective derivative(s) at different magnitudes.
2. Differential Equations is a college course used for Math, Physics, Engineering, etc. majors
Dara, I know I will bomb my Differential Equations exam tomorrow without your help!
by DaraDDS January 16, 2009
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An equation that uses rates to torture undergraduate students using nonsensical rules and made up solutions that have no bearing on reality. These are designed to humiliate and confuse typical students.
Oh man, I tried to hook up with this girl from the club last night but she was a total O.D.E (ordinary differential equation)
by Wiggles4u November 06, 2009
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