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Low Ping Bastard

Term found in multiplayer online games, namely first person shooters, to define players with a low latency. Also used as an insult by players with inferior internet connections.

"I own LPBs all the time at LAN parti..." *click* followed by dailing noises
by skrilla February 15, 2003
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Low Pod Bitches. A pod(or common dorm area) of woman who drink wine and share secrets with one another. Qualifications to be an LPB squad are groupme exclusive chats, a Dick Pics (Male version of LPB) group to keep you sane, and white zinfandel or wine coolers. Thirsty Thursday, otherwise known as Girls Night, is mandatory.
Billy: Hey Justin, where are the LPB's today?
Justin: What day is it again?
Billy: Thursday night.
Justin: Oh its Girls Night they are probably getting krunk.
by bi_manatee January 26, 2016
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Louisiana Public Broadcasting (PBS)

KLTM 13 (19) Monroe
KLTL 18 (20) Lake Charles
KLPB 24 (23) Lafayette
KLTS 24 (25) Shreveport
KLPA 25 (26) Alexandria
WLPB 27 (25) Baton Rouge
WLAE 32 (31) Metairie (New Orleans)
I watch Super WHY! on LPB.
by Josh March 22, 2008
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