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Lake Charles is a small town (about 80K people) located in Southwest Louisiana about 30 miles to the east of the Texas Border. The city is on a lake (Lake Charles) and its primary industries are petroleum refining, LNG, gasification, importing/exporting, casinos and offshore oil production support.

McNeese State University is located in Lake Charles. Bird watching, Hunting and fishing are popular sporting activities in the area. Mardi Gras and Contraband Days are large events for the city.

The pace is pretty slow, but the city is about to see some large growth. There are some major projects in the near future.
Lake Charles is between Lafayette and Beaumont.
by thewonderment March 20, 2007
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a place full of real azz people on da north and middle part n part of the south side of town ya digg a place were u hit up fest or da dollhouse or partied or the spot erryweekend niggaz b tweakin off da club n sumtimes cowboys but if ulike kikin it n chillin itz playa fareal da hoodz iz goosport, cookie lane, fishville, j hall, carshop, brownsville, railroad, the t, n many mo nut dont come wit da fake bullshit niggaz b bout buiznezz fa real
IM bout to go hit up lake charles to go to da isle n fest
by boot boun will May 31, 2008
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a town between beaumont and lafayette in the state of louisiana. It is typically a rainy state, not experiencing any seasons other than rainy and summer.. The primary high school in lake charles is AM Barbe. This is the source of educated citizens living in Lake Charles. Most of these people are of substandard education, 60% of whom do not know where mexico is by the end of their college education. Of the entering freshmen class, 30% of people are high school dropouts..

The college in lake charles is Mcneese State University. This university is currently under review by SAACKS for academic substandard education.

Furthermore, this city is devoid of activity other than mardi gras and chemical production, the wastes being dumped into Lake Charles.

So basically, lake charles is a place where educated chemical engineers dump their waste.. its a toiletbowl of whitetrash and shit..

The roads in lake charles are substandard compared to most american cities.
So are going to college in Lake Charles?
Yeah, its a hellhole..
by Thirdd Eye September 12, 2007
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