An affectionate word for a woman's vagina.
"No guy will be getting a taste from my loving cup on the first date."
by Momma Mary Kate October 18, 2006
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1. A close, affectionate session of anal sex, noticeably more gentle and sweet than all other forms of anal sex.
*Sigh* Man, Kiera Knightly is so beautiful, I wish I could give her a loving cup.
by GoatBoySteve October 20, 2005
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When two or more friends drink from the same bottle/cup as a sign of solidarity-See China,IL
I just did some messed up stuff to you, but let's do a loving cup and forget about it.
by BlaqSak August 25, 2014
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Verb or Noun: The act of grabbing someone someone's chin/cheeks between the thumb and fingers and squeezing/shaking her/his face in an moment of overwhelming affection (or the result of said act), usually performed by grandmothers and great aunts to a mensch or by old drunk queens to anyone within reach.
Aunt Marge walked in, got all verklempt and gave Akiva a love cup so fierce he had bruises on his cheeks for three days.
by JohnnyAZ May 01, 2006
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-To participate in having sex and then giving oral sex to finish the job.
-Also the act of cupping his testicles while giving head.
I want to make love cup with a boy who doesn't finish before I do.
by mollydoll September 18, 2008
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During the activity of felatio, the cum bucket or seminal vestibule or the individual in the act of sucking, places his/her hands in a cupping position, as to suck or lap, and place it under the twig and berries.
Damn girl, don't be a sunday driver. Git wit da Love Cup!
by We are So creative. September 05, 2006
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